Learn More About Our Process & Timeline

  • Qualification of applicant
  • NDA executed between Kahala and applicant
  • Kahala sends confidential information; business plan to be completed by applicant
  • Applicant completes business plan and sends to Kahala for review
  • If business plan approved, Kahala formally invites applicant to visit Kahala headquarters
  • Kahala visits applicant’s headquarters to finalize business opportunity discussion
  • Sign letter of intent covering major business terms of agreement
  • Review and sign final master franchise agreement
  • Open First Store!

International Business Application

Thank you for your interest in international opportunities with TacoTime. Our first step toward expanding into any country is to identify the perfect master franchisee to develop our brand in the area. Until we have found that master franchisee we will not establish individual franchisees in any country.

If you feel that your organization would be a perfect match to bring TacoTime to your country, please fill out the following application [insert link to application]. We will carefully review your application. If we believe you possess the necessary skills and experience to develop the TacoTime brand in the proposed country then we will contact you within two weeks of the receipt of your completed application.

Thank you again for your interest in TacoTime!

Interested in Multiple Brands?

For more information on our other franchised brands, please visit Kahala Brands.

Become a Master Franchisee

Thank you for your interest in wanting to become a TacoTime Master Franchisee.

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The information on this website and application are for informational purposes only and is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise; nor is it directed to the residents of any particular jurisdiction. If you are a resident of a country where registration of the franchise documents are required, we will not offer you a franchise until we have completed the applicable registration or obtained the exemption from registration, and completed the applicable disclosure requirements. In countries requiring disclosure documents, an offering can only be made by a franchise disclosure document. IT IS UNDERSTOOD THAT THIS APPLICATION IS IN NO WAY BINDING UPON EITHER KAHALA, ITS AFFILIATES, OR THE APPLICANT. YOU REPRESENT AND WARRANT THAT THE INFORMATION YOU ARE SUBMITING IN THIS APPLICATION IS TRUE AND COMPLETE TO THE BEST OF YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND BELIEF.

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