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A Simple Idea Becomes The American Dream

The TacoTime story begins with a man in pursuit of the American dream. Like many of his peers in the late 1950's, Ron Fraedrick dreamed of owning and operating a successful hometown business. With a passion to succeed driving his efforts, Ron built the foundation for what is one of today's leading Mexican fast-food enterprises.

It all started after a trip to Southern California where Ron first fell in love with Mexican food. This is when he first conceived the idea of feeding a different kind of hunger; one that involved preparing and serving his own style of fresh, high-quality Mexican fast food to the hordes of hungry college kids back in his home town of Eugene, Oregon.

After months of planning and many evenings working on his secret seasonings and hot sauce recipes, Ron opened his first walk-up TacoTime restaurant in 1960. It didn't take long for other entrepreneurs to take notice of TacoTime’s success. So, in 1962, just two years after the company's initial debut, the first TacoTime franchise opened in Tacoma, Washington.

Today, with over five decades of history and locations across the U.S. and abroad, entrepreneurs still take notice of TacoTime and are eager to join a brand with a strong past and a bright future.

Join a Bigger Family

Led by the vision of entreprenuerial industry leaders, Kahala, the franchisor of TacoTime, is one of the fastest growing franchise companies in the world. With a large selection of high-quality, quick-service restaurant brands, Kahala is dedicated to developing business models while providing you with tools and support.

Kahala's leaders have spent more than 20 years building not only a company, but rather a community based on support, trust and independence through interdependence. Our community is made up of passionate franchisees, respected vendors and a dedicated and talented support staff who all work together to give you the best opportunity for growth.

Kahala is structured to support you by achieving synergies and costs-savings for the franchise community by bundling "back of the house" functions, where the entire franchise community benefits from shared teams in purchasing, finance, real estate, business training and IT to capitalize on economies of scale. Each brand, however, operates independently when it comes to developing, operating and marketing the individual concepts. A brand president is at the heart of the business and is equipped with a team of passionate sales, marketing and operations talent to support TacoTime and its franchisees. This type of support is unique in the franchise industry and sets Kahala apart form its competitors.