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TacoTime is excited to announce that we’ve launched our Official TacoTime App! The app is available on both the iTunes App Store and Android Market, and is free to download. App features include information on Menu Items, Special Offers, Gift Cards and Locations. Download the TacoTime App today!

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Driven To Sustain Sponsorship

TacoTime is proud to participate as a sponsor in a world record-breaking event – driving 27,961.7 miles on alternative fuel (waste vegetable oil). In order to educate the public on sustainability and healthier environmental lifestyles, Tyson and Cloe from Victoria, B.C., will attempt to beat the existing world record of 23,697.2 miles by driving through every state, province and territory in Canada and the U.S. speaking to schools, media, and making a documentary about these issues. Participating TacoTime locations are providing used vegetable cooking oil to fuel Tyson and Cloe's US portion of the trip. For more information and to follow them live go to www.driventosustain.ca

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